The Progressive Double Two is a type of country and western dance popularized in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It typically consists of 6- and 8-count dance patterns.

The basic 6-beat pattern consists of two shuffle steps (counted as "1 and 2", "3 and 4") with the woman being led by an arching one quarter semicircle clockwise then counterclockwise followed by two walking steps (counted "5, 6")

Why let your fun in Dallas set with the sun? Don't leave town without taking full advantage of the live music concerts, dancing, bars, and comedy clubs that keep Dallas on the move. From red carpet clubs to country-western hangouts, the club scene in Dallas is clearly not afflicted by a shortage of places to show off on the dance floor. While dance clubs in other cities may seem limited to top 40 and hip-hop places, Dallas truly offers a style of music for every style of dancing. In true Texas fashion, there are plenty of country-western bars scattered about where line dancing and two-stepping carry on long into the night. There are also a variety of unique bars where a distinct European or Eastern European ambiance, euro-lounge DJs and sumptuous décor set the stage for slow moves and sexy drinks. Latin clubs, the newest addition to the Dallas dance club scene, are becoming incredibly popular for their classy, yet playful, atmospheres and incredible music that ranges from cumbia to merengue. Even rock & rollers have a place to slam into each other and head-bang in Dallas.


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