Tags: Country Western Clubs, Country Bars, Country Western Bars, Country Western, Dance Lessons, Free Dance Lessons, 2 Two Step, 3 Three Step,Progressive Double Two Step Lessons, Country Waltz Lessons, Fort Worth Shuffle, West Coast Swing Lessons Where to Country Dance, Where to dance in Dallas Texas, What to do in Dallas TX, Drink Specials, Texas Texas country music (more popularly known just as Texas country or Texas music) is a rapidly growing sub-genre of American country music. Texas country is known for fusing traditionalist root sounds (similar to neotraditional country) with the outspoken, care-free views of outlaw country. Texas country blends these sub-genres by featuring straightforward, truthful lyrics, a "take it or leave it" approach, a "common working man" theme, comical, witty undertones, intense live performances, and loyal fan-bases. These often combine with stripped down music, increasing the intimate connection between a singer and audience. Texas Country Music can also be called, "Red Dirt" country music, which originated in Oklahoma. The two states, Texas and Oklahoma, have influenced the scene of this particular genre. Both states have fled the scene of recent main-stream country music, to create their own respective sound. Although it is often anti-Nashville, neither the location of birth nor the location of upbringing seems to calculate in the definition of a Texas country artist, as long as the origin is not in the corporate Nashville scene. Though many are Texas natives, many outside the state lines have tested the Texas waters. Artists such as Chris Knight are often considered Texas country musicians, despite his Kentucky ties. Adam Hood, an Alabama native, also has had success in the Texas country market. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of a Texas Country artist is that they hold the majority of their concerts in Texas venues and their music is charted in one of the two Texas Music Charts as opposed to the Billboard chart.

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